Tim Everett Photographer

'A creative vision, captured through the lens'

About me:                        

As an experienced photographer I use it to express my artistic vision. I indulge in all genres land/cityscapes etc, but street and documentary photography is my real passion. Landscapes are often thought of as traditional scenic images, but there are lots of interesting, artistic images to be found in urban/city settings. I exhibit my work in both solo and collaborative shows. My last exhibition was a collection of my Street Portraits @ my pop up gallery in Hull City Centre, where it was well received, lots of great comments... "Ive enjoyed looking at your photos more then a lot of art Ive seen"

Apart from specific projects I photograph anything that inspires me at the time, and endeavour to be creative in the process. There is in my opinion an overuse of contextual concern in visual Art, (but I appreciate its often important to the subject) I believe any piece of art should grab the viewers attention on many levels, and should be able to stand alone on its own merits, without having to read endless and often pretentious contextual blurb in order to get it. "Art is not about something, art is something" - Sarah Bernhardt. I also prefer to allow the viewer to bring their own experiences and interpretations, we all see differently. 

I have been inspired by all the greats of photography, such as Henrie C Bresson, I like the surrealism influence in Bressons work, Robert Capa, Eve Arnold, Lewis Hine, Weegee (Arthur Fellig), Ansel Adams, Sebastio Salgado and Don McCullin to name a few.

Click on the Photo Gallery Link to view my work. Its worth pointing out that my images are best viewed as gallery sized prints, rather then the small previews here. Check out my fb and instagram pages via the Links page. Thank you, Tim.

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