Travel Travel Alsace Region, France. 37654941 City Hall, San Francisco. 70384989 Paris. 37654945 Paris #2 40557964 Paris #3 40557965 Paris #4. 179213068 Paris #5. 179213069 Paris Metro. 37903422 Wonderland. 37646272 Central Park. #2. 37654940 Central Park Joggers. 167879876 Coney island. #2. 37652444 Nathans, Coney island. 37652445 Coney Island. 179212631 The Met. 37646275 Times Sq. Street photography. 37646276 Times Sq #2. Street photography. 129338353 Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge. (March 2001) 37652443 A View from the East River. 149460911 Brooklyn Bridge. 70368194 The Guggenheim 70367691 N.Y. Stock exchange. (Scanned 35mm negative) 166293429 Federal Hall. 37654942 N.Y. Stock exchange #2. (Scanned 35mm negative) 166293427 A View Downtown. 37652447 Another view from the Empire State building. 129338355 The Chrysler building taken from the Empire State building. 167879880 Lower East side, N.Y. This was taken a few months before 9/11, I saw this same Fire Truck wrecked while watching a documentary on 9/11. 40552900 The Iconic Empire State Building. 149460912 5th Avenue, N.Y. 61420673 Taken from the Staten island ferry. 2001. (Scanned 35mm negative) 166293428 A Gothic image overlooking St Patricks, N.Y. (solarization using Nik silver efex pro) 167879877 The Twin Towers from Brooklyn Bridge. (solarization using Nik silver efex pro) 167879878 The Flatiron. 167880772 N.Y. 179212633 'The New Yorker' 179212632 Japanese Tea Gardens, San Fran. 37649172 A San Fran icon. 37654944 Flying free over the Rock. 46300836 Bay area, S.F. Taken during a walk from the Cliff House to the Golden Gate Bridge. National Park area. 70367692 Golden Gate Bridge, taken after a walk up the coast from the cliff house. (Canon A1) 56669159 Pulling Power, S.F. Cable car with Alcatraz in the background. 70375994 The Ferry to Sausalito, S.F. Bay area. 69643144 China Town, S.F. 129338354 The mean streets of San Francisco, Market Street by night. 70375995 Market Street by day. 70375993 'Wheels curbed' S.F. 167879879 Cafe in S.F. 179213164